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The professional staff of the credit department is responsible for all credit and collections activities. They establish credit limits for all customer accounts and with each new order, they verify credit before issuing purchase orders. They also handle specific credit inquiries, and manage all aspects of customer billing including invoicing the customer, accounts receivable and collections.

  • Establishes all credit policies.
  • Checks credit on all orders received.
  • Sends out invoices, statements and collection letters.
  • Oversees collection of past due accounts.

“The credit department team has six members with an average of 35 years of work experience and knowledge. We perform a variety of job responsibilities within the department. We begin the process by establishing customer credit limits, prepare customer invoices, handle billing issues, and oversee accounts receivable transactions including daily bank deposits and credit cards. We work closely with account executives to ensure that they know the status of their accounts. We also make any collection contacts by phone or email so you can sell more!” – Sandy Zeka, Credit

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