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Overthrowing the Myth of Short Attention Spans

Do you remember Microsoft’s widely publicized study a few years ago on the average American’s attention span? The study concluded that the average American’s attention span was only eight seconds…that’s less than that of a goldfish! It prompted a discussion on the idea that no one is able to focus anymore, that we live in a technological world where people expect immediate results in both their personal and business lives and don’t have the time or focus to wait.

Consider this, is the problem that we can no longer stay focused on one thing or that we don’t want to waste our time when we can choose another option that better suites us? In our world today, we have options! If we want to watch television, we have hundreds of choices. If we want to go out to eat (and live in an urban area), chances are you can take your pick from a number of different cuisines. If we want to play a game on our cellphones, we’re not limited to snake or tetris. If we want to read something, we’re not limited to what’s in a newspaper or magazine. We can choose from countless sources and do so on a number of different devices-kindles, cell phones, tablets, laptops.

Options can be a good thing-a great thing, but in sales, options can be a scary thing. What keeps your customers loyal to you? How do you persuade someone to purchase from you for the first time when they’ve got a number of other options? Now is the time to focus on what you can deliver to your customers that no one else can. Get to know your customers. Listen to them. Educate them. Anticipate what they’ll need. Give them an experience they won’t get elsewhere. Gain your customers trust in order to keep them loyal.

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