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Effective Follow-up Tactics

Most people send follow-up emails on a regular basis. Follow-ups can sometimes require a little finesse in order to get one’s point across without sounding too pushy, devaluing the message or flat out state that you’re following up.

Here are 5 tips for crafting effective follow-ups.

1. Make your message personal. Taking a personal approach can help you get noticed by engaging the recipient with something that excites them. People enjoy talking about their interests and accomplishments. Acknowledging those areas is a great way to connect.

2. Use another medium. Unable to reach someone via email? Try engaging with that person another way, such as via LinkedIn. Sometimes email messages can get lost amongst the number that are received daily.

3. Share an update. Using a follow-up as a way to stay relevant with the recipient is a great way to provide them with knowledge about their work and/or industry.

4. Call them. Calling someone is a great way to ensure that you will get prompt responses, if that person answers their phone. It can be easy to hide behind email, but being able to hear the tone of someone’s voice makes it easier to interpret your conversation and where it is going.

5. Meet with them in person. It can be hard to be a face-to-face conversation. Additionally, if you’ve taken the time out of your day to personally meet with someone, it is sure to be appreciated.

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