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Make the Call…& Make it a Good One!

Making sales calls over the phone can be nerve-wracking and time consuming. Many times, you won’t get a decision maker on the phone right away. When it comes to connecting with a decision maker and sealing the deal over the phone, your sales approach is everything.

It’s essential to make a lasting impression over the phone—and most importantly—to sell your product or service.

Navigate sales call with these tips:

• If the decision maker doesn’t answer at first, don’t give up. Everyone’s busy, and an unanswered call shouldn’t deter you. If someone else answers, find out the best time to contact the decision maker. If your call goes to voicemail, keep your message short and sweet. State your name, company and phone number, and be slow and deliberate with your message.

• When you a decision maker on the phone, communicate who you are and why you’re calling. Keep the focus on how your product/service can help them with their goals or make their life easier. Tailor to every potential customer’s needs, and remember: One size does not fit all.

• Give decision makers a good reason to continue listening to you.

• Wait until the end of your call to ask for a face-to-face meeting. This gives you the opportunity to move your decision maker to meet with you during the duration of the call. Plus, asking to meet too early in the conversation could seem pushy, leading you to not get a meeting.

• Stay upbeat, positive and persistent!

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