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No order is too large with Vernon. We finance every order with the supplier, so our Account Execs aren’t burdened with having to worry about bank credit lines and cash flow is never an issue. In fact, our D & B credit rating and performance track record are so strong that banks and suppliers love Vernon because we pay our bills on time.

99% of all Vernon orders are accepted on open account terms in which we invoice the customer. This makes it easier for our account execs to sell. Customers order and are invoiced after they receive their goods and are 100% satisfied.

Need to pay suppliers up front because they will not give you credit? Worry no more when you are part of the Vernon team.  Our strong supplier relationships mean we rarely are required to pre-pay for an order, but when we are, Vernon Account Executives don’t worry, because we have them covered.

Need a bill sent out today? No problem! Would you like to give a client 60 days to pay? We may be able do that as well. How about setting up a program where a customer can get monthly releases on an order and be billed when the product is released? Not only will we do that, but if we have pre-determined quantities and dates we can pay the commissions up-front when the order is placed.

How about selling calendar orders in January for next year and getting paid next week? Not to mention that we do not bill the client until December! You can even sell our exclusive caps and split an order so that half can be shipped today and the remaining half can be shipped anytime within the next year. The customer only pays for the half that they have today, but the account executive gets paid for the entire order next week. Now that is financial support!

Yes, we all know that sometimes they happen. No one is perfect! At Vernon our first priority is to take care of your client. We want to make it right with them. Which means with us, that you have a true partner. If the supplier makes the mistake we hold them accountable and strive for a resolution that works for all parties. If you made the mistake, we will gladly split the cost of whatever needs to be done to make the customer happy. If Vernon makes the mistake we cover the cost. If it was a customer mistake, we look at the big picture and work with you to come up with a solution that makes sense.

Have you ever had a customer not pay a bill? Sure, we all have had this happen! Vernon’s credit team is extremely proud of the fact that our bad debts last year were less than 0.3 of 1%. And because we believe in a true partnership, we allow up to 150 days for clients to pay us before we charge back the amount of the commissions that was advanced to the Account Executive. Vernon is responsible for the supplier payment.

They like us!

Our long-standing relationship with The Vernon Company has been built on mutual trust, integrity and a strong partnership that has allowed our companies to deliver premium service to end-users. Vernon is a great company to do business with, as their commitment to quality and customer service has made them a leader within the promotional products industry.
Jonathan IsaacsonPresident, Gemline
PCNA, including Leeds, Bullet and Journalbooks, has enjoyed a long and vibrant relationship with Vernon over the years. As the industry has evolved, Vernon has been out front responding to changes in the economy and shifting its focus to ensure that their sales organization has the resources necessary to thrive in this environment. The relationship between our two organizations, at every level, has enabled PCNA to provide Vernon the right resources, the right product and the right marketing support materials to provide the Vernon sales organization their edge in the promotional products industry.
David GrobisenVice President of Sales, Polyconcept North America
There are three primary reasons we love to work with Vernon. 1) Vernon is financially rock-solid and an important part of the fabric of the community they live and work in; plus they are embedded in the business community of the promotional product see their footprint everywhere and have for generations. 2) Vernon has professional managers at the senior and front-line levels who are experienced, passionate and committed to the business. They have professional systems in place to follow every transaction from order placement to invoicing. 3) As far as the trust we have in Vernon, we know that customers evaluate sales people as to their trustworthiness and will not do business with someone they can’t trust. The same is true for suppliers and distributors. We need a trusting business relationship with our distributor partners and we have it with The Vernon Company!
Gary HaleyPresident, Beacon Promotions, Inc.
The Vernon Company is in a class of upper distributors we have the pleasure to work with on a daily basis. Management is easily accessible and the in-house staff makes the order processing ‘hassle free’ which enables our company to expedite orders to meet the many demands of the end user. We consider The Vernon Company a true partner... not a customer.
Bruce WatsonPresident & COO, Cap America, Inc .
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  • Vernon Company Recognized as Top 40 Distributor

Product Safety

Yes. It is that important.

We care about the products that we sell to customers. For the last few years, Vernon has been at the forefront of the product safety issue – working in collaboration with others as part of the PPAI Product Responsibility Action Group (PRAG).Today Vernon works closely with PPA to educate you on the latest updates from the Consumer Products Safety Administration. We strive to not only ensure the safety of the products we sell, but that we’re working to safeguard the brand reputation of our customers.

Safe Suppliers
Over the last year, Vernon has taken several steps to guarantee product safety, including imple-menting a “safe supplier” strategy that requires our Preferred and Accommodation suppliers to agree to comply with CPSIA guidelines. We’re currently working towards getting other suppliers to agree to the same standards. We’ve also identified a number of suppliers that are pre-approved for Custom Import projects. Partnering with suppliers that you know and trust has to be the cornerstone of any company policy that is aimed at providing clients with safe products that both promote and protect their brand!

Most recently, we enhanced our order entry system to flag those orders that may pose a particular product safety concern. Specifically, we are taking special notice of any children’s products, jewelry, ceramic mugs, and other items that may be a concern. We review them closely to see that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that they are SAFE and legal to distribute.

Why is safety a top priority for us? We want to protect the product recipients, our customers and their brand reputations, our account executives, and ourselves. Not to mention, compliance is the law and it’s the right thing to do.

We’ve Signed the Code of Conduct!
We believe we must not only meet the expectations of our customers and consumers, we must exceed those expectations. To that end, we have adopted standards for the safety, quality and integrity of our products and processes and we are committed to respecting the rights of individuals and protecting the environment. We are dedicated to complying with all applicable laws and to conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner.