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Why Vernon

Corporate Culture

At Vernon, we know that life is about LIVING. It’s about being happy and content at work and at home. It includes being recognized and richly rewarded for your accomplishments. That’s why we offer so many great benefits that touch all parts of your life: financial, health, professional development and social.”

Chris Vernon, President & Co-CEO

Financial Stability

Order Financing

No order is too large with Vernon. We finance every order with the supplier, you aren’t burdened with having to worry about bank credit lines and cash flow is not an issue when you are with Vernon. In fact, our D & B credit rating and performance track record are so strong that banks and suppliers love Vernon because we pay our bills on time.

Pre-paying for Orders

99% of all Vernon orders are accepted on open account terms in which we invoice the customer. This makes it easier for you to sell. Customers place an order and are invoiced after they receive their goods and they are 100% satisfied. Need to pay suppliers up front because they will not give you credit? Worry no more when you are part of the Vernon team. Our strong supplier relationships mean we rarely are required to pre-pay for an order. But when we are, you don’t need to worry – we have you covered.

Bad Debts

Have you ever had a customer not pay a bill? Sure, we all have had this happen! Vernon’s credit team is extremely proud of the fact that our bad debts last year were less than 3/10 of one percent. And because we believe in a true partnership, we allow you up to 150 days for their clients to pay us before we charge back the amount of the commissions that was advanced to you. Vernon is responsible for the supplier payment.

Flexible Billing Options

Need a bill sent out today? No problem! Would you like to give a client 60 days to pay? We may be able do that as well. How about setting up a program where a customer can get monthly releases on an order and be billed when the product is released? Not only will we do that, but if we have pre-determined quantities and dates we can pay the commissions up-front when the order is placed. How about selling calendar orders in January for next year and getting paid next week? Not to mention that we do not bill the client until December! You can even sell our exclusive caps and split an order so that half can be shipped today and the remaining half can be shipped anytime within the next year. The customer only pays for the half that they have today, but you get paid for the entire order next week. Now that is financial support!


What Works For You - Employee Status or Independent Corporation?

Vernon will help you determine whether you want to be a W-2 employee or a 1099 independent corporation. We understand that no two people have the same reason for making a change and we care about what is best for you and your business goals.

During our initial discussions, we will ask about what you need to ensure your partnership with Vernon will be successful. For example, is health insurance a necessity? Would you like to participate in a 401K plan? Would you like to continue to use your company name? Your answers to questions like these will help direct you to the option that is best for you. Here are two scenarios that we’ve been approached with and our solution to each.

Joe has been working as an employee through a small local distributor. Currently, his employer offers single-coverage health insurance with a fairly high-deductible.  Today he does not have any retirement plans through his employer. Joe chooses to be an employee with Vernon. At $325K in sales, he can opt-in to Vernon’s group health plan, and much of the plan cost is subsidized by Vernon. Joe also opts to participate in the 401k because of Vernon’s matching contribution program.

Jenny has owned and operated her own distributorship for a number of years. She has always had health care coverage for her family through her husband’s employer plan. Her husband is a teacher, and their district offers family coverage plans at reasonable rates. The plan they have is fairly comprehensive and meets their needs. Jenny decides to align with Vernon as a corporation and continue to take advantage of her husband’s health care benefits.

Whether you choose to be an employee or an independent corporation, Vernon will still provide you with the same level of customer service, sales support, technology tools and marketing collateral to help you grow your business.


Advanced Commissions

Each week, Vernon advances commissions on orders. Which means our Account Executives get paid when they place an order – not when the order ships or when the customer pays.

Continuing Education

We know great success requires a great foundation. It’s why we offer several regional sales meetings throughout the year and hold a National Sales Meeting. The meetings are an easy way to keep in touch with peers and learn more about the industry including new products, sales strategies, tech tips and so much more that will help you grow your business!

Incentive Points Program

Earning points means more money for you and the opportunity to win contests, trips, and more. With the points program, Vernon is able to build and maintain strong relationships with our Preferred and Accommodation suppliers, rewarding them with a higher percentage of sales and participation in our catalogs, on our website, at our National Sales Meeting and at our Brandexpo shows. In exchange, these suppliers offer us great pricing, the best customer service, and unprecedented support. In fact, we expect only the best from these companies on each and every order. Points really are a win-win-win: for suppliers, for you and ultimately for your customers.

Vernon Incentive Trips

Once you’ve been on your first Vernon incentive trip, you’ll never want to miss another one! The first-class accommodations and the camaraderie will inspire you to greater success all year.